Shuttle Schedule

Arrival Shuttle Schedule- SBSI 2017 – 060817

Shuttle service is provided by Skylink.  Click the link above for the schedule of shuttle departures from RDU to your dormitory, Keohane 4E.

Proceed to Baggage Claim and get your bags.  Meet your group at the Information Desk.
One of you should call Skylink at 919-233-3952, Option “Dispatch.”
Notify the attendant that you are with the SBSI group and are ready for pick up.
Follow the attendant’s instructions to exit the airport and proceed to Zone 4 if you are in Terminal 1 or to Zone 15 if you are in Terminal 2.

Notes: (a) The Shuttle times are approximate, the shuttle stops at Terminal 1 first
then proceeds to Terminal 2. (b) Those of you flying Southwest should call Skylink when
you have your baggage.  The attendant will tell you when to exit the airport.

The Shuttle will be clearly marked Skylink and have a Duke University Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute sign.

Problems?  Call the Multicultural Resource Center at 919-684-5882.

Travel safely.