Program Overview


The Duke University Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute is one of the pipeline programs in the Duke University School of Medicine.  Formerly known as the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at Duke, the Institute is in its 19th year of preparing young scholars to apply to medical school.  We are supported by contributions from the Offices of the University President, University Provost, Dean of the School of Medicine, and the Chancellor of the Duke Health System.  Their generosity enables us to continue to contribute excellence to the medical school applicant pool, the student body, staff, and faculty.

Our Goal

Our goal is to address the persistent challenge of health disparities through the diversification of medical school application pools.  We aim to accomplish this goal by preparing our participants to present strong academic credentials to medical school admisssions committees.

What We Do

The Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute engages Institute scholars in PREP:  preview, review, enhancement, and preparation.

Preview:  The Institute features web-based academic content that is a preview of the pre-health sciences.  We teach courses in Organic Chemistry, Physics, Molecular Biochemistry, Physiology, and Medical Statistics.

Review:  All SBSI scholars participate in a course titled “Writing in Medical Education.”

Enhancement:  All SBSI scholars participate in workshops on learning strategies, financial wellness, and the health professions.  In addition, all scholars engage in seminars on ethical issues and health disparities.

Preparation:  The program provides clinical experiences through a standardized patient module and weekly observerships in the intensive care units.  All scholars have an individual meeting with a member of the Admissions Committee.

Academic Resources

SBSI scholars have extensive opportunities to interact with medical school faculty, basic science and math faculty, and clinicians in a world class medical center.

SBSI scholars have access to all libraries and academic resources of the Duke University School of Medicine. All Duke University student services and recreational facilities are available to SBSI scholars. Teaching assistants (TAs) live in the residence hall to further enhance the academic environment.

Clinical Opportunities

Scholars will have two clinical exposures each week during the third through sixth week of the Institute.  One is a standardized patient encounter where the doctor-patient relationship is explored.  The other is a clinical shadowing experience in an inpatient Duke Health System facility.

Scholars also benefit from the presence of Resident Advisors who are medical students.